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Jill the Reckless

Jill the Reckless
Author: P. G. Wodehouse
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Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse (1881-1975) was a master of English prose, who produced novels, collections of short stories, scripts, screenplays and lyrics for Broadway shows. Wodehouse enjoyed a long, prosperous career, despite the many political and social changes that he witnessed throughout his life. Although he spent most of his time in France and the United States, his works usually reflected his early life experiences in pre-war English upper-class society, and were typically characterized by the trials and tribulations of the well-to-do. "Jill the Reckless" was first published in 1920, and recounts the life of Jill Mariner who, in one day, suffers a broken engagement and the loss of all her money. Instead of claiming defeat, Jill hops on a boat to New York where she becomes a chorus girl, and in true Wodehouse fashion, finds true love. One of Wodehouse's less known novels, it is nevertheless an entertaining story full of twists, turns and one audacious heroine.

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