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Rada: A Drama of War in One Act

Rada: A Drama of War in One Act
Author: Alfred Noyes
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SCENE--_A guest-chamber, the typical living-room of a prosperous villagedoctor in the Balkans. On the left, a small window and an entrance door.On the right, a door leading into a bedroom. At the back, an open fire oflogs is burning brightly. Over the fireplace is the eikonostasis, withthree richly coloured and gilded eikons, the central one of the Madonna.The light, which is never allowed to go out, is burning before it. Theroom is lit at present only by this, the fire-light, and two candles inbrass candlesticks on a black wooden table under the window. Rows ofporcelain plates round the walls gleam fitfully. On either side of theeikonostasis is a large chibouk, with inlaid bowl and amber mouth-piece.There is a divan with scarlet rugs flung across it to the right of thefire; and there are several skins and rugs on the floor.Two Roumanian soldiers_, ARRAM_ and _MICHAEL, are seated at the table,drinking_.RADA, _a dark handsome woman, sits weeping with her head bowed in herhands, on the divan_.NANKO, _the idiot, sits on the floor, rubbing his hands, snapping hisfingers, chuckling to himself, and staring into the fire_.ARRAMLook here, my girl, where's the use of snivelling? You ought to thinkyourself damned lucky to be alive.RADAO my God! My God!MICHAELThis is war, this is! And you can't expect war to be all cakes and cream.[_They laugh and drink_.]ARRAMYou ought to think yourself damned lucky to be alive, and have two menquartered on you instead of one. If your husband and the rest of thevillagers hadn't made such a disturbance, _they_ might have been alive,too.



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