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The Emerald City of Oz

The Emerald City of Oz
Author: L. Frank Baum
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The sixth Oz book has Dorothy coming up with a very creativesolution to her aunt and uncle's financial woes

Dorothy has decided to take Uncle Henry and Aunt Em tolivein?the Land of Oz, with the help of Princess Ozma. As theyembarktogether on a tour of the land, Dorothy is unaware that theNomeKing, squatting in his underground Kingdom, is plotting toseizethe Land of Oz. He sets out to recruit new allies to help theNomearmy and burrows his way to the center of the Emerald City. Canhisdiabolical army be defeated by Dorothy, Princess Ozma of Oz,andtheir friends? In this captivating installment in the Oz series,aswell as being reacquainted with favourite characters frompreviousbooks such as the Cowardly Lion, Billina the yellow hen,and theWooden Sawhorse, we are introduced to many weird andwonderful newsones such as the Miss Cuttenclip, the paranoidFlutterbudgets, andthe living kitchen utensils of Utensia.



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