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The Time Machine

The Time Machine
Author: H.G. Wells
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This classic story, narrated by a man known only as “the Time Traveler,” recounts his adventures to the future and the dystopia that he finds there.

In the distant future, the Time Traveler discovers an idyllic world where the peaceful Eloi, descendants of humans, roam freely and live a life of simple luxury. He befriends Weena, a woman who teaches him about life in the future. However, he also learns of the Eloi’s fear of night and struggles with the theft of his time machine. To his dismay, he discovers that the human race did not evolve along one line. The Morlocks, underground dwellers representative of a lower class, have evolved to keep the Eloi well fed and clothed. The cost, however, is steep: The naive and upper class Eloi are merely cattle, bred for consumption by the Morlocks. The Time Traveler returns to his time to tell his story, but then disappears, never to return.


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